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Our visitor can freely use all individual pages with the exception of the e-shop page, for which registration is required. This website supports both our corporate customer (spare parts shop, petrol station, independent repair outlet, etc) and the individual car owner. Recent mobile phone applications are fully supported in this site.

The HOME page will introduce you to our company, our history and field of opperations.

The SUPPORT page tries to give explanations to various topics of general interest, such as car and recycling, the difference between first application original and matching quality spare parts or ISO certified and imitations, as well as on issues related to the internet and its restrictions of use. Moreover, links to the main WebPages of car magazines, official car and motorbike racing events worldwide and computer car games are supplied.

The PRODUCT page is coded for you into categories and groups, in order to select from an easily understandable basic car spare part category, the sub-group you are looking for and the factory preferred, even if you have no specialized technical knowledge.


Browsing through the original manufacturers’ sites we collaborate (which are usually of similar structure and most of them are multilingual), choose the brand you prefer and navigate coached, using criteria such as name of the car, model, engine type, release date, etc, in order to find the replacement spare part’s commercial code needed.

In most cases there are photographs, technical drawings and dimensions, in order to visually confirm that your choice is correct.  Having retrieved any spare part’s commercial code, you can then order it from our e-SHOP. Do not hesitate to call us or use our contact page for any additional information or clarification, if in doubt.

Alternatively, if you already have gained access to our e-shop, you can use in exactly the same way the search engines incorporated in it, starting again from your car’s make, its model and engine type, followed by the spare part category, sub-group, etc in order to obtain a spare part code.


In all cases availability and price will be brought up to you automatically, giving you the possibility to directly order the spare part of both your first choice manufacturer or an alternative one, selecting at the same time the most economical and effective solution!!!

The TECHNICAL INFO page is trying to give explanations and solutions mainly on technical issues such as fitting a cabin filter or give help in the proper selection of a chemical product or a lamp bulb for example, using PDF files. It also provides answers to frequently asked questions and queries of customers, which probably you have submitted using the CONTACT US form.

Finally, the NEWS & OFFERS page contains apart from our current offers, printable file formats, pdf archives, promotional videos, general information regarding shipment of goods and e-shop purchases, etc.  

Thank you for using us for your car’s maintainance and repair requirements.

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