Quality, Warranty and Returns of goods

Spare parts represented and distributed by Protogeros SA are quality spares, Original and in most cases coming from the same producer who supplied the vehicle manufacturer or at least matching quality ISO certified spares and every one of them carries its manufacturer’s product warranty.   

    This product warranty as it applies to any mass produced industrial part, is limited to free replacement of the defective part and is not extended to any consequential claims occurred following its use. 

    The factory warranty does not cover damages caused by wrong type selection, normal wear due to expiration of the product’s life span, improper installation or maintenance, overcharging and generally reasons beyond its use specifications. 

    In order to avoid wrong type selection, including cases also whereby you believe that a previous repair did not probably reflected the genuine part, please give us the chassis number plate and engine code from the vehicle’s registration license, enabling us to select the correct replacement spare part on your behalf. Alternatively, in our product page, follow the manufacturer’s instructions through his webpage and draw up the correct spare part code. This will relieve you from accepted however unnecessary product returns, the cost of which is borne by the customer, provided original condition and packaging of the spares are maintained. Electrical parts can not be returned. 

    In case you believe the product purchased was “damaged” or subsequent failure arose during its normal use, you should return it free of charge, at our Headquarters in Ioannina, Greece. In order to determine the fairness of your opinion, we will at once forward the part either to the manufacture’s representative in Greece or the manufacturer’s technical department abroad, to be checked by qualified personnel. We assume prior inspection took place by the repairer who fitted the product in your vehicle or by any other independent repair outlet and the problem ascertained. 

    The manufacturer always requires from your repairer a written note referring to the symptoms, the potential or contingent reason(s) he attributed the failure, possible or probable cause(s), testing facilities used, as well as his particulars followed by a business card. This is necessary for the two technicians to communicate, in case additional information is required, else your request can not be processed.

    The immediate replacement cost of the product following the return, lies with the consumer. Upon receipt of the manufacturer’s audit and if vindication of your request is evident, immediate money refund of your initial purchase will be made up in full at your bank account, even if the subsequently replaced part was not purchased from our company, due to disagreement or loss of confidence in us.

     You have the ability to post a complaint on the internet, contact the state’s consumer protection agency or even take legal action against our company and the manufacturer we represent, in case you find it necessary. The terms stated in this webpage along with your complaint should also be uploaded in full, when posting such a complaint in the internet. For any dispute, the courts of Ioannina city in Greece are considered competent, as expressly stated in our sales documents.   


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