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Our company specializes in the area of quality Original Equipment (OEM) or equivalent ISO approved fast-moving spare parts for motor-bikes, passenger cars, light and heavy trucks, buses, earth moving and special tooling machinery as well as marine engines.

Fast moving spare parts are considered those needed for your car’s annual service such as filters, lubricants, spark plugs and to a certain extend belts, brakes, light bulbs, car batteries, windscreen wipers and other parts that are checked frequently. In this general category are also included cleansers, chemicals, bonds, connectors etc.

 We also specialize in those parts that are replaced according to the car manufacturers’ service manual specified period, such as timing belts and tensioners, water pumps, roller bearings, steering and suspension system parts, etc.

In the range of products we deliver to you, we have also incorporated parts needed less frequently, such as fuel pumps, clutches, constant velocity joints as well as testers and special tools needed for assembly.

 We fully cover each spare part category and its affiliates, with thousands of items in stock, using in every case top worldwide manufacturers, usually in more than one brands at a time, thus giving you the opportunity to choose spares within a reasonable price range.

PROTOGEROS S.A. does not supply used spare parts, body and chassis parts as well as cheap imitation spares.

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