Welcome Message, introducing PROTOGEROS S.A. , a leading automobile spare parts importer and distributor in Greece …

 In 1923, a young man with a vision started a small business in the automobile market.  Since then, enthusiasm, determination and his family’s commitment to their customers, caused that small family business to grow continuously and rapidly. Three generations later, PROTOGEROS S.A., claims the leadership in the auto parts market in North Western Greece.

Since 1994, in order to cover our growth requirements, we moved to our new self-owned facilities totaling 2.000 sq m, located in a 4.500 sq m area. 

PROTOGEROS S.A. imports a full line of OEM and brand name products from worldwide famous foreign and local car parts manufacturers. We also collaborate with the largest national distributors of auto parts in Greece. Since 1985, we are active in the production of special types of filters and as from 2004 onwards we are actively committed in the recycling process of used motor oils, batteries and engine parts.

It is our motto to offer the most competitive prices in the market, along with a powerful distribution system of our products, mainly in North Western Greece. Fulfilling an order on time, offering help and information, addressing your individual needs with a smile, are our priorities. Thank you for choosing us as your primary partner for more than 90 years!

We, in PROTOGEROS S.A., passing in the fourth generation, keep on gathering specialized technological information for your education in the constantly changing market of today’s automobile, keep on investing in new technologies in production, spares distribution and e-services, thus aspiring to serve you even better in the future.

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